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We are a full scale drafting and design studio, with a specialty lighting design/fabrication shop.


Our work is reflective of each client, and responds specifically to each site, and its own particular nature.


Our designs and lighting products are functional and engage with their surroundings-harnessing modern techniques and green principles for efficiency and to further creative parameters.


Ensuring continuity and refinement from the schematic drawing to the as-built detail is central to our process, and it is informed by our appreciation of function.

Our Services
As an outsource service our goal is to offer architects, builders, interior designers and the general public, a "pay for what you need service." Providing CAD accurate documents for new construction, remodels, as-built, as well as construction and architectural details.
Our architectural design process is more crucial than just "looking good." Many issues such as performance, reliability, site specific conditions, costs, local and state regulations, etc. must be addressed during the stage of design development.
We create building study models for architects, structural engineers, contractors and subcontractors. Using 2D layout plans and elevations as a starting point, we create entire architectural and structural building models to exact standards and specifications.
We combine the latest in visualization technology and our creativity to deliver architectural images for a range of clients, including home-builders, retailers, architects and general contractors. Our 3D architectural rendering services are used for many conceptual and marketing purposes.
Unfortunately people often ignore the lighting when it comes to renovation or new construction. It is crucial that the lighting is both ascetic as well as functional. Great design and quality construction can suffer without the correct lighting.
Photo realistic environments enable potential clients to view both interior and exterior details on advertising materials. Which can be used for selling of residential, commercial and development projects well before the project is complete.
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